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  • Five filmed workouts a week
  • Strength training workouts—gym equipment needed
  • Listed reps and sets
  • Structure and demonstration videos
  • Access to me throughout your journey
  • Facebook group


Daily Drip by Erika Weber

Train with me 4 times a week to build your body through resistance training. Video tutorials to guide you through each movement along with reps and sets. No need to create your own workout program, I do it for you!

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Do I have to track calories to lose weight? It seems obsessive

If you were budgeting and tracking your finances, would you consider that obsessive? It’s the same concept. Spending no more than 2-3 minutes of your day tracking food isn’t an inconvenience if you want to prioritize your health.

August 22, 2019

I’m in a deficit and doing everything right but my weight isn’t changing

Well, you aren’t taking into account our bodies normal biological response to dieting.The brain down-regulates metabolic processes to persevere energy stores.

April 1, 2019

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