Erika Weber

Hello friend!

My name is Erika and I’m your new favorite fitness gal because I know what it’s like to pay too much for a workout guide, meal plan, recipe book, subscription and support from other like minded individuals.

Here on The Daily Drip we have created a community that lets you fall in love with taking care of yourself. So happy to have you apart of this community and feel free to message me on Instagram! I always have time for you.

What I Do?

While attending school at Grand Canyon University, my love for fitness began to expand beyond my personal desire to stay in shape. It grew into a vision to build a brand, to provide women with the knowledge and confidence to stay active and fit. After a few years of university I made the bold decision to mark my own path and dedicate my time to starting a business grounded in honesty, integrity and science based application. All in hopes to save you from having to go through the endless cycles of dieting and counterproductive training, I too went through at one point.

My end goal is to transform as many lives as I can and work with women like yourself, one on one and through my workout subscription to help navigate their own nutrition and fitness with CONFIDENCE.

How I Can Help You?

I can help you through my one on one coaching to help you key in on your OWN nutrition and training.

You can purchase my Beginners Blueprint to Never Low Calorie Dieting Again and get educated on nutritional freedom and how to implement a diet correctly, and come out of one correctly.

And lastly, subscribe to the Daily Drip for weekly structure with your training. No more scrambling to find workouts, I form all of them for you, home or gym!

Get In Touch

Please email me with any questions you might have about the Daily Drip subscription and or personal online coaching. I’d love to help you out and make things as clear as possible before you start your journey.