I’m in a deficit and doing everything right but my weight isn’t changing

Well, you aren’t taking into account our bodies normal biological response to dieting. The brain down-regulates metabolic processes to persevere energy stores.

In short, if you’ve been in a deficit for a while and your weight isn’t budging, you’ve plateaued. Try decreasing calories (unless you’ve already floored those…that’s a different story ) if you’re just beginning. Or take a diet break if you’re going through longer dieting periods.

I don’t mean take a break 1-2 weeks in. That’s barely enough time to find your baseline (maintenance).

There’s upwards of 4000 calories in one pound of fat. For an average sized female in a 2000 calorie deficit per week, that’s going to take around 2 weeks to lose one lb of fat.

So just because it’s been 5 days and the scale hasn’t moved, doesn’t mean you’re not in a deficit. Be patient smile 🙂

So, a diet break consists of driving calories back to maintenance or slightly above it. This increases metabolic rate, leptin levels (effects the thyroid-a major regulator of metabolic rate), and psychologically gives you a break.

When your NEAT increases, so does your energy expenditure, which makes metabolic rate go up.

Not to mention that being in a deficit is both a physical stressor and psychological stressor. Take a break if need be! The rules are general but give your break at least a week.

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April 1, 2019

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