Metabolic Adaptation

We’ve all heard that a calorie deficit is what’s required to lose body fat. However,through the duration of your dieting phase you’ll plateau if you don’t make any further changes.

First and foremost…you MUST know how to properly enter a dieting phase. Slashing calories way too much at the start is a different story.

Metabolic adaptation pretty much means your body has become more efficient and will burn less calories. It’s our bodies survival mechanism to food scarcity and energy conservation. Good news is that food these days isn’t hard to find so we can make certain adjustments. The caveman days are over.

There is a chance to lessen metabolic adaptation by implementing a diet break or refeed. This is setting your calorie at or slightly above maintenance for 3-6 days.Although, as you continue to lose weight metabolic adaptation will always be present.

Something to keep in mind if you’re currently wondering why your weight won’t budge.

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March 26, 2019

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