From: $450.00 / month for 3 months

What private 1:1 nutrition coaching will look like!

1. Consultation call-We’ll get on a call to get to know one another, for me to learn about your goals and your dieting past, and make sure we’d be a good fit. You should feel 110% ready to start this program with me! which is why we get on a call before any commitments are made.
2. You’ll then send in payment, and receive a client questionnaire to be filled out and sent back to me so that I can set up your personalized intakes based on your goals, preferences, and knowledge. Macros are more necessary for physique competitors, Olympic lifters, and endurance athletes. I’ll have to assess your lifestyle and training. We focus on both tracking and non-tracking methods.
3. Once I’ve sent back your intakes, all of the packets, slides, and important information on your program we’ll then get on a call (40 minutes-1 hour-I don’t put a time limit on this call) to walk through many topics and make sure that you have a solid grasp moving forward. Some topics we’ll cover on our call: fixed and varied intakes, balancing out overages, tracking methods, non-tracking methods, nutritional freedom, your protein, and calorie intake, how to track larger family-sized meals, eating out, fiber, general daily movement, stress, sleep, hydration, training, and debunking any false nutrition information thrown your way.
3. You’ll receive my coaching packet that covers some important information on our time working together, training, and a bit on macros.
4. In-depth goal-setting worksheet to help you set intention and tone.
5. A calorie and macro-counted recipe book
6. The option between three training splits
7. weekly reflection-based check-ins are automatically sent to you each Monday along with the information I need to make the right call on adjustments, if necessary. 
8. my support via email, Voxer, and Instagram. YOU CAN REACH OUT TO ME AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. I want you to feel supported by me, I want you to know you can trust me, and I’m here to hold you accountable and cheer you on.
9. If there’s ever a time I feel we need to talk face-to-face I will not hesitate to schedule a Zoom call with you and vice versa!
10. An exit packet and exit call that covers key points on adjustments/how to move forward with your nutrition 

Identity shifts, habit changes, nutritional freedom, and long-term overall health is the foundation of my program. I can’t wait to work with you 🙂

Medical disclaimer: This service is for educational and informational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The information is not intended to replace medical advice offered by physicians. Do not start any exercise or nutrition plan without consulting YOUR physician.



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