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$10.00 now, and $10.00 on the 1st of each month

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  • A new workout 5 days a week
  • workouts filmed for the private instagram
  • reps and sets listed on the website
  • equipment needed: set of dumbbells and a loop band
  • my support via DM’s
  • facebook group to connect with women from all walks of life
  • facebook group for nutritional videos by me
  • view current week’s workouts with our calendar feature

Getting in shape and living a healthy life should never take a fortune. This subscription will be different from any other workout program you’ve tried. These daily workouts will challenge mobility and strength all while keeping the intensity up.

THIS IS NOT A DOWNLOADABLE SUBSCRIPTION. Once you have subscribed to the Daily Drip and created an account – Log in and click “The Daily Drip – Home Edition” from the drop down menu on the right to view the most recent content.

PRO TIP: add the daily drip to your home page, making it very simple to access!

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First payment: November 1, 2023

9 reviews for Home Edition

  1. Melissa Higley

    I haven’t started yet, but I’ve seen everyone’s results from the daily drip gym edition and I’m very excited to try it out at home!!

  2. Gabriela Gomez

    Looking forward to the workouts at home. Desperately need to start working out.

  3. Sarah (verified owner)

    Started the home daily drip about two months ago and I LOVE IT! I teach full time and go to grad school on the weekends so I am very busy and always used that as an excuse to not workout. Now that I have the home DD I get daily workouts that kick my ass and don’t take hours to do. The best part is that I can do it on my own schedule! Such a good investment in yourself. Can’t wait to see the progress my body is going to make when Erika adds in weights next month!

  4. eider.totorica121 (verified owner)

    I love it!!! I started the home daily drip in January and I’m very happy with it

  5. Shyann (verified owner)

    Erika has done an outstanding job with this! I have always been one to workout at home, but I struggled with what particular exercises to do when I only had a set of dumbbells and loop bands. I was that person that would go onto other Instagram accounts and find random videos to follow and workout to… there was no consistency or progress. However, Erika has changed that for me! This program is very reasonably priced for a 30min workout for 5 days a week that you can follow along to without feeling lost! Well done, Erika!!

  6. Jessica Hardman (verified owner)

    I have been doing this program for a few months, and I love it!! There have been weeks were I catch myself skipping workouts but I try to do them on the weekends because I have more time! My only complaint is some exercises are hard to modify if they require a bench, bar or other equipment because I don’t have it at home and sometimes my chair is difficult to work with. But I don’t run into this too often, maybe once a week. Workouts usually take me 30-45 mins. Erika is amazing, I love her approach and mindset to the fitness world. This is an awesome source for good and consistent workouts for a very reasonable price!! Highly recommend!

  7. Danielle Stutheit (verified owner)

    I started the home daily drip back in April 19’ and do not regret it one bit. Looking back I realize I was doing the most random workouts or whatever I felt like doing at the time and after having my baby this year I was not seeing any difference or progress. It wasn’t until I joined the home daily drip that I started feeling feeling better and seeing progress. Erika’s workouts are consistent. I also recently started online coaching with her and have combined nutrition with the daily drip workouts and feel incredibly better. She generously shares her knowledge and education and I cannot wait to get back into my gym routine and start the gym workouts!

  8. Erin Flach (verified owner)

    The home daily drip is absolutely amazing! I am so so glad i decided to purchase it. Erika is an amazing person and mentor and has changed my mind and body in so many ways over the last year. Highly suggest this plan to those who can’t quite make it to the gym very often but have time to get killers workouts at home. (or if you just have gym anxiety like me hehe). I am so excited to continue my Drip journey. Definitely try it out!

  9. ceconnor4

    I loooooooove and appreciate Erika & this subscription so much! It is so great to not have to think about what I’m going to do at the gym every morning and the workouts are always challenging. I also find that it makes time pass quickly when there’s a set list of exercises to complete! Highly recommend!

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