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You ladies are my world, and I am here to make a difference in your life! Getting in shape and living a healthy life should never take a fortune. This subscription is different from ‘guides’ … I workout with you. These daily workouts will challenge mobility, strength, and increase muscle growth all wile keeping the intensity up.

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24 reviews for Gym Edition

  1. Betty Corahua

    Excited to start!

  2. Emilee (verified owner)

    Erika is from my hometown, and this girl is FIRE! She is killing the game and is a real one. Sign up to her program and you won’t forget it !!

  3. Jahreece Radden (verified owner)

    Love love love love the Daily Drip!!!💕 couldn’t imagine a better program. Thank you Erika !!

  4. Kennedy (verified owner)

    Erika is seriously amazing! Not only is the actual fitness program killer (in the best way possible), you get so much more than that from this girl. 24/7 support from Erika, nutrition help, an amazing support group from all the Daily Drip women, but most importantly, this program is meant to help you obtain a healthy mental/physical relationship with yourself. I don’t know Erika personally but she is so down to earth, genuine, and TRULY cares about each of her girls. This group honestly feels like an army and family of powerful women. LOVE IT!

  5. stacieweber (verified owner)

    Erika has been amazing at helping young women around the world change not only their weight but how they look at their lives as a whole. She has helped me get back to healthy lifestyle and a strong body.

  6. emilyjordan2018 (verified owner)

    The daily drip is great and effective! Easy to access and the new calendar feature is amazing. Erika is always there to answer your questions and Is very helpful. I recommend this program to anyone and everyone. Especially college students that are trying to live a healthier lifestyle with a busy schedule!

  7. ekwolfgang (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this program. Ive been a member for almost a year and I can’t imagine choosing any other program than the Daily Drip!! I recommend for everyone and anyone to give it a try 🙂

  8. Julia Newton (verified owner)

    This month marks my one year doing the daily drip and I am so happy with how my body has changed! I have gained a lot of muscle and feel so strong because Erika’s program is is formatted in a way that focuses on similar moves every week so that you increase your weight. I also really like her outlook on health and fitness because she is realistic and encouraging. My sister also does the gym DD and loves it as well! Highly recommend!!

  9. jolou_crawford (verified owner)

    The daily drip is life changing. Erika is the most helpful and caring fitness coach. She is so realistic with her workouts. They will help change you mentally and physically for the better. I highly recommend the DD💙

  10. Alyssa Coletto (verified owner)

    The Daily Drip has changed how I look at working out! Instead of dreading the gym because I never know what to do, I always leave feeling accomplished and strong 🙂 I have even been able to increase my weight when lifting which is the first time in years. Erika has changed how I look at the gym and my health.

  11. Nina (verified owner)

    Daily Drop has completely CHANGED how I work out! I love every second of it and cannot thank Erika enough for all she’s done to transform my health and the way I view my body from one simple subscription! It is the best money I spend investing in myself and using her program. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to revamp their workout routine and fall in love with their body again!

  12. Marisa (verified owner)

    I have been doing the daily drip for 6 weeks now and absolutely love it!! I used to hate going to the gym because I didnt know what workouts to do or how to do them affectivly. With the daily drip I no longer have to worry about that. I know exactly what to do (and how to do it with the secret insta page) and it is a life changer. I look forward to working out now and the gym no longer frightens me!!! Thank you Erika for creating such an affordable and awesome plan for us ladies!!

  13. Hannah

    The daily drip made the gym fun again!!! I really couldn’t ask for more than this plan. Erika makes it so affordable and easy to follow, not to mention being connected with a great group of girls! Workouts are challenging but flexible at the same time to add in or substitute whatever you want but staying structured throughout the week, so much so I’ll often repeat one on Saturday. It’s my favorite part of the day ❤️ Thank you Erika!

  14. ashleighpower15 (verified owner)

    Can’t express how much I love the DD. I’m a young girl who had zero experience when I started at the gym. This program gave me confidence and guidance for every single visit! Erika is amazing, only wanting the best for her clients!

  15. Jordan (verified owner)

    Erika has made me fall in love with the gym all over again. Her workouts are straight to the point and she won’t keep you in the gym for 2 hours! You’ll see muscle growth results within the first week. I owe a lot to this girl, she’s changing lives💗

  16. jmcateee (verified owner)

    Daily Drip has been SO helpful for me. I am pretty motivated to go to the gym five days a week but in the past, ive struggled with variation in my workouts. Her workouts are painful (in the best way!!) and so helpful. Ive been feeling so much better lately and im excited to continue and see progress. ❤️

  17. Sammie (verified owner)

    Erika is such a great person to work with. I have been a part of the Daily Drip team for over a year now. Her workouts are perfect for all levels at such a great price. Before Erika I was lost and intimidated by the gym. The Daily Drip allows me to go into the gym with a plan and confidence in what I’m doing. I enjoy working out more than ever and have seen major results. It truly changed my health, confidence, and lifestyle.

  18. ashley.lindquist18 (verified owner)

    Love these workouts! They are usually pretty simple moves but they get the job done! Definitely recommend the Daily Drip for everyone❤️

  19. Rylie Brandt (verified owner)

    If I could rate the Daily Drip – Gym Edition higher than 5 stars, I ABSOLUTELY WOULD! The value for the price is out of this world and Erika is absolutely phenomenal! The workouts are the perfect length, easy to fit into your lifestyle, and SO effective! I feel stronger each week and I am seeing amazing results. If you are on the fence of whether or not to subscribe to this program, let this be a shove into the best direction! I highly recommend the Daily Drip – Gym Edition!

  20. darrahdelaney (verified owner)

    I’ve been following Erika for almost two years now and doing the daily drip gym edition for quite some time of that and am so happy I started. Erika is the most no nonsense, sensible, and logical fitness page I’ve encountered. Her process is made for the everyday woman and I love that!

  21. Nattali Baiar (verified owner)

    I personally grew up doing sports all my life and from that I was always fit! But I noticed that after high school ended I wanted to stay fit, but whenever I would go to the gym I would have NO IDEA what workouts to do, how to use the machines, or even how to feel comfortable in a gym!!! This is such a great way to have a structured, NO pressure, plan for me! It has helped me find my way around the gym, feeling more and more comfortable every time I go! And plus I SEE RESULTS!!! Definitely worth it!!

  22. stacieweber (verified owner)

    I absolutely love doing the daily drip gym addition. I am getting more fit every week. I highly recommend this to all women any age and lifestyle. I am 51 and feeling fantastic.


  23. westmoreland.gina (verified owner)

    What a great program. The fact that she shows an example of each workout is such a great help if you are unsure of things like I am. And she is always there to answer questions and for only 10$. What else do you need to hear you will not regret it 😊

  24. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Erika’s workouts are amazing! I’ve been doing them for about two months now and look forward to the workout every day!

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